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I Get the Urge to Go

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I woke and I found I Found
It hovered in a frozen sky
It gobbled summer down    down
When the sun turns traitor cold
I I I I I      I get the urge to go


I get the urge for going
When the meadow grass is a turning brown
Summer time is a falling down
Closing In

My love – with summer scented skin
and no one else in all the town
My darlings heart could win
When the leaves fell to the ground
Ahhhhhhh He got the urge to go

Warm Fire, Blanket to my chin
I’ll lock the vagrant winter out
and bolt my wandering in
Call Back the summer by she won’t stay
Ahhhhhhh She got the urge to go

Songs  and Words for the Virtual Choir 14th April

 ‘The Great Turning’ by Mamuse, the 3 parts of which are attached to this email. 
We shall be known by the company we keep
By the ones who circle round to tend these fires
We shall be known by the ones who sow and reap
The seeds of change, a life from deep within the earth
It is time now, it is time now that we thrive,
It is time we lead ourselves into the well
It is time now, and what a time to be alive
In this great turning may we learn to live in love
In this great turning may we learn to live in love
and we will be giving Elesa another go. 
This is on the Walcot members area in the alphabetical list after Dine Deeri and way down after the more recent stuff. There are PDFs of the format of the sections for each part on the members areaHere are the links to the vocal files
Here is the whole song
These are links to the Spooky men teaching the different sections
Songs  and Words for the Virtual Choir 30th June
An Ecuadorian number for this evening. Vocal attached below.
El Aqua cambia todo lo que toca
todo lo que toca cambia
El Aqua cambia todo lo que toca
todo lo que toca cambia
Cambia, toca,
todo lo que toca cambia
Cambia, toca,
todo lo que toca cambia
The Buddha Shakyamuni mantra. Vocal attached below.
Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā
Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā
Songs  and Words for the Virtual Choir 30th June
Thina simunye We are together, Children of Agape, South Africa

Thina, thina simunye
Si__nga bo_m_deni
We are, we are together

We are family


Rainforest chant

Songs  and Words for the Virtual Choir 14th April

Not Be Dismayed
Listen to your heart.

Songs  and Words for the Virtual Choir 7th April

Sleep my love    

Though My Soul….   

Songs and words for the Virtual Choir 31st March

We are one world, one voice, one heart beating
Everybody living in this world, everybody’s got a voice let’s use it
Everybody living in this world, one heart beating
Everybody in this world, we are one, one heart beating
We are one voice, we are one heart beating we are one voice, one heart beating.
All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well
For there is a force of love moving through the universe
That holds us fast and shall never let us go
Song Video  – All Shall Be Well

Songs for the Virtual Choir 24th March


Lyrics LOW Mid:Melody ALT HIGH MIX

Ima lama Eh 

Songs we are learning this term

Apple Wassail   Words   SOP   ALTO  TENOR  BASS  ALL

The Cradle Rocks

The Cradle Rocks


Lyrics LOW Mid:Melody ALT HIGH MIX

The Georgian One

Georgian Christmas

Georgian Song Score Page 1

Georgian Song Score page 2

Our Library of Songs

Below are all the choir part recordings we have : (Please read information about playing music from this website below)
All is calm                            
  Tops Bottom
As I sat under
All  Tops Bottom
As we go marching
High Mid Low  Final  Words
and on the wonderfilm Pride
I will sleep
All  Tops Bottom
Austrian yodel    All
Ay     All
Baba Yetu      
   Tops  Mids  Mids2 Basses 
Balm of Gilead       Not Available
Beyond your Chariot
AllSopAltoTenor BassWords

Blood and Gold                   
   Tops  Mids Basses

Blooming Heather

Boat on the River               
AltoTenor, Bass, All Parts, wordsScore
All SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
Bright Star
Bread and Roses
High Mid Low  Final  Words
Chew Tobacco
Circle Round
Daughter My Daughter
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Dine Deeri
“All with Kitty bit”  SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
some of these parts may be in the wrong place sorry
Elesa (Spooky Man Georgian Song)
Words,  Bass (pdf),   Mids (pdf)Tops (pdf), 
,First  PartSecond Part 

El Fusildao
All   Tops  Mids  Basses
Eriskay Love Lilt
All   Tops   Mids  Basses 
Esti Dal
Top Middle Basses  
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to listen to ESTI DAL  pronunciation (from our lovely SU)

Eyes and Ears
All   Tops   Mids  Basses 

Four Directions   
All Parts Together North East South West
Top Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Alto Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Tenor Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Base Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
And the words  click here  and for the new East Click Here
And the scores  North East South West     but
a. the score are not completely accurate the songs have evolved  a little and
b. please keep for are own use only, do not pass around photocopy etc

Freedom Train
All, TopsMiddleBasses
Gaelic Porridge Song

Gar Nugee
Tenor Sops and Bass Alto  All Parts Words
Good News                      
Bass Tenor Alto Tops all translation 
God Speed
Sop1  Sop2   Alto Tenor1 Tenor2  Bass  all
Haere Mai
Sop Alto Tenor Bass all
Part 1 Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all
Part 2  Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all 
Part 3  Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all 
Heart That Beats 
 SOP High SOP Low Alto High Alto Low Tenor  Bass 
Heenay Matov
All   Tops   Mids   Mids2 Basses
  Tenor Tune    Words
I Can’t stand the rain 
Backing Part 
 All Parts
Ill Rise                                
 Tenor Alto Sops Maya Total   Words Score
Ise Oluwa                          
   Tops   Mids  Mids2 Basses
Kaval Sviri                        
   Tops  Mids   Basses
Latest You can go anywhere 

Living Under the same Sun
All   Tops  Mids  MidsRythmn1 Rythmn2 Basses
 ExtraBass Middle SOP TopExtra 
Maori Song Walrua
Click here to listen
Mandela Song                 
SopranoAlto TenorBassAll

Mini Sara
My love for You            
All Part1 Part2 – Backing 

 All   Tops   Mids
Nkosi Sikelel
All    Tops   Mids  Mids2 Basses
On the day                      
 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Pico y Pala
Not available 

Sop Alto Tenor Bass  Words
Poison Tree                     
Click here 
to listen to All and parts
Pebble on My Tongue
 Tops  Top2  Mids  Mids2 Bass
Poison Tree
All  High  Mid Counter Low  
Red Red Rose
All  Sop  Alto Tenor  Bass
Samoan Sasa on the website.

Sandungo                       All
Sao Roma                      Sao Roma – Top   Sao Roma – Alto   Sao Roma – Tenor   Sao Roma- Bass

Senwa Dedende  Several folks were asking about the origins of  and I found this reliable source online. It appears to be a fragment of a song from Ghana.
Shalom                            All   Tops L Mids  U Mids   Bass
Shona Malanga             All   Lead Tops U Mids  L Mids   Bass
Shosholosa                     Score
Shower the People     AllSopAltoTenorBassWords
Singabahambayo          Sop Alto Tenor Bass All Words
Siyabonga                   All    Tops   U Mids  L Mids2  Basses
Slaves lament                click here for sheet music 

Something inside so Strong  Top Middle Bass All Words
and the gaswork choir doing it 

Sparks All Parts
The spirit of the Carers Music
St Andrews Song        Music  Words
Sweetest kick              Parts  All Score

SUWANNEE COUNTY HIGH  for MP3 version click HERE

SUWANNEE COUNTY Extra ALT for MP3 version click HERE

SUWANNEE COUNTY MID for MP3 version click  HERE

SUWANNEE COUNTY LOW for MP3 version click HERE

Szello Zug                    Top  Top2 Middle Basses  
Click here to access web site that has SZELLO ZUG   scroll down and you will find it
Click here to listen to SZELLO ZUG pronunciation (from our lovely SU)  and click here for words Top MiddleBottom

Tender Bullet               All SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
This Great Sky             All    Tops  Mids   Mids2 Basses
Toys Boys                     Sop Alto bass word Score
Tsmindao                     All    Tops  Mids   Basses

Turn the World Around Sop Alto Tenor Bass  All  Songsheet
Twerton Song             Music   Words
Twerton Song 2 Zipwire Unsung  Music
Unison in Harmony    Sop Alto Tenor  Bass 
United – the Jo Cox song  Sop Alto Tenor Bass All   Words
Unto this land               Score
Vetche                             All    Tops
New Wasailing Song    Here we come a wasailing
Wangari                          All    Tops Tops2  Mids  Mids2 Bass Bass2
Wairua                           All
We Wish you Joy         All   Tops Alto  Tenor  Bass
Welcome Yule               All   Tops Mids   Bass
Wester Carputh       High Sop   Alto  Bass    All  Tune  Score  Words 

When the Earth is Crisp  All
When Love Had No Road  All Sop Alto Tenor Bass
When Love Had No Harm Music
Wild Mountain Tyme   All Words
Winter Fields                 All Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Words                              Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Xintskala                         Sop Mid Men  All Words
The Yodeling One         All

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(Verses sung by altos, chorus (it’s line sung by sops, the rest sung by all) 

Verse 1
My love is like a red red rose that’s newly sprung in June
My love is like a Melodie thats sweetly played in tune

(Sops) As fair art thou my Bonny lad, so deep in love am I.
(All) And I will love thee still my love til all the seas run dry

Verse 2
Til all the seas run dry my dear and the rocks melt wa the sun
And I will love thee still my dear while the sands of life shall run

Verse 3
And fair thee well my only love and fare thee well awhile
And I will come again my love tho’ we’re 10,000 miles


Chorus for BASS.
The soul oh father being lonely flies, beyond, beyond, beyond
Oh beyond your chariots unto the skies

Chorus for TENORS
The soul oh father being lonely flies,
Beyond your chariots x3 unto the skies

Chorus for ALTOS
Oh my soul oh my soul where shall I fly where shall I fly, where shall I fly
Beyond, beyond, your chariots to the skies

Chorus for SOPRANOS
My soul is lonely and I wish to fly, beyond your chariots x2
For my soul will fly to the skies

Verse 1 (tenor and alto)
Oh this worlds a wilderness a wilderness of woe
(There is no) no tranquil joy thee is no peace below.

Verse 2
Oh and when shall all our tears p, our tears be wiped away,
(When shall our) spirits rise above this world of clay

Sing 3 times
We are far more united
We are far more united
And have far more in common x3 (bass sings far more x2 more in common)
Than that which devides us
Unite unite unite unite

Chorus (all sing)
Shower the people you love with love,show them the way that you feel x2
Make it rain, love love love sunshine yeah, alright x2

You can play the game and you can act out the part
You know it wasn’t written for you
How can you stand there with your broken heart afraid of playing the fool
One thing can lead to another it doesn’t take and sacrifice
Father and mother sister and brother
If it feels nice don’t think twice


You can run but you cannot hide
This is widely known
What d’you plan to do with your broken heart
when you’re all by yourself alone
Tell somebody the way that you feel
Feel it begin to ease
It’s true what they say about the squeaky wheel
Always getting the grease..better to…


away away away away….

Verse 1
The higher you build your barriers
The taller I become
The further you take my rights away
The faster I will run
You can deny me, you can decide to turn your head away
No matter, coz there’s

Chorus…all sing

Something inside so strong
I know that I can make it
Though you’re doing me wrong so wrong
You thought that my pride was gone
Oh no,something inside so strong,
Something inside so strong

Verse 2
The more you refuse to hear my voice
The louder I will sing
You hide behind walls of Jericho
Your lies will come tumbling
Deny my place in time, you squander wealth that’s mine
My light will shine so brightly it will blind you…coz there’s…


(All sing)
Brothers & sisters
When they insist were just not good enough
When we know better
Just look em in the eye and say
Were gonna do it anyway. X4

Because there’s something inside so strong….