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To read the score you will need Adobe Reader which you can download for free here

Songs we are currently singing

Sus Songs

Something inside so Strong  Top Middle Bass All Words

United – the Jo Cox song  Sop Alto Tenor Bass All   Words

Sians Songs

Sao Roma

Sao Roma – Top

Sao Roma – Alto 

Sao Roma – Tenor

Sao Roma- Bass

Blooming Heather


Wester Carputh
High Sop   Alto  Bass    All  Tune  Score  Words 

Soprano Alto  Tenor Bass All

Wide Mountain Tyme
Wild Mountain Thyme

Something Inside to Strong
Tune with words Sop Mid voice backing Bass backing Words

Red Red Rose
All  Sop  Alto Tenor  Bass

Shower the People
All   Sop  Alto  Tenor  Bass  Words

Beyond your Chariot
All Sop  Alto  Tenor  Bass  Words

Below are all the choir part recordings we have : (Please read information about playing music from this website below)
All is calm                            
  Tops Bottom
As I sat under
All  Tops Bottom
As we go marching
High Mid Low  Final  Words
and on the wonderfilm Pride
I will sleep
All  Tops Bottom
Austrian yodel    All
Ay     All
Baba Yetu      
   Tops  Mids  Mids2 Basses 
Balm of Gilead       Not Available
Bakaiyo                    Words
Blood and Gold                   
   Tops  Mids Basses
Boat on the River               
AltoTenor, Bass, All Parts, wordsScore
All SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
Bright Star
Bread and Roses
High Mid Low  Final  Words
Chew Tobacco
Circle Round
Daughter My Daughter
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Dine Deeri
“All with Kitty bit”  SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
some of these parts may be in the wrong place sorry
Elesa (Spooky Man Georgian Song)
Words,  Bass (pdf),   Mids (pdf)Tops (pdf), 
,First  PartSecond Part 

El Fusildao
All   Tops  Mids  Basses
Eriskay Love Lilt
All   Tops   Mids  Basses 
Esti Dal
Top Middle Basses  
Click here 
to listen to ESTI DAL  pronunciation (from our lovely SU)

Eyes and Ears
All   Tops   Mids  Basses 

Four Directions   
All Parts Together North East South West
Top Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Alto Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Tenor Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
Base Parts  North (For East see all parts) South West
And the words  click here  and for the new East Click Here
And the scores  North East South West     but
a. the score are not completely accurate the songs have evolved  a little and
b. please keep for are own use only, do not pass around photocopy etc

Freedom Train
All, TopsMiddleBasses
Gaelic Porridge Song

Gar Nugee
Tenor Sops and Bass Alto  All Parts Words
Good News                      
Bass Tenor Alto Tops all translation 
God Speed
Sop1  Sop2   Alto Tenor1 Tenor2  Bass  all
Haere Mai
Sop Alto Tenor Bass all
Part 1 Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all
Part 2  Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all 
Part 3  Sop  Alto Tenor Bass  all 
Heart That Beats 
 SOP High SOP Low Alto High Alto Low Tenor  Bass 
Heenay Matov
All   Tops   Mids   Mids2 Basses
  Tenor Tune    Words
I Can’t stand the rain     Backing Part  All Parts
Ill Rise                                Base Tenor Alto Sops Maya Total   Words Score
Ise Oluwa                          All   Tops   Mids  Mids2 Basses
Kaval Sviri                        All   Tops  Mids   Basses
Latest You can go anywhere Music
Living Under the same Sun
                                          All   Tops  Mids  MidsRythmn1 Rythmn2 Basses
Listen                                 Bass ExtraBass Middle SOP TopExtra 
Maori Song Walrua       Click here to listen
Mandela Song                 All
Mini Sara                         All 
MotherLand                    All
My love for You              All Part1 Part2 – Backing 
Nigrita                             All   Tops   Mids
Nkosi Sikelel                   All    Tops   Mids  Mids2 Basses
On the day                      Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Pico y Pala                      Not available 

Plasir                                Sop Alto Tenor Bass  Words
Poison Tree                     Click here to listen to All and parts
Pebble on My Tongue  All Tops  Top2  Mids  Mids2 Bass
Poison Tree                    All  High  Mid Counter Low  

Samoan Sasa on the website.

Sandungo                       All
Shalom                            All   Tops L Mids  U Mids   Bass
Shona Malanga             All   Lead Tops U Mids  L Mids   Bass
Shosholosa                     Score
Singabahambayo          Sop Alto Tenor Bass All Words
Siyabonga                   All    Tops   U Mids  L Mids2  Basses
Slaves lament                click here for sheet music 

Senwa Dedende  Several folks were asking about the origins of  and I found this reliable source online. It appears to be a fragment of a song from Ghana.

Something inside so Strong  Top Middle Bass All Words
and the gaswork choir doing it 

Sparks                        All Parts
The spirit of the Carers Music
St Andrews Song        Music  Words
Sweetest kick              Parts  All Score
Szello Zug                    Top  Top2 Middle Basses  
Click here to access web site that has SZELLO ZUG   scroll down and you will find it
Click here to listen to SZELLO ZUG pronunciation (from our lovely SU)  and click here for words Top MiddleBottom

Tender Bullet               All SOP Alto  Tenor Bass
This Great Sky             All    Tops  Mids   Mids2 Basses
Toys Boys                     Sop Alto bass word Score
Tsmindao                     All    Tops  Mids   Basses

Turn the World Around Sop Alto Tenor Bass  All  Songsheet
Twerton Song             Music   Words
Twerton Song 2 Zipwire Unsung  Music
Unison in Harmony    Sop Alto Tenor  Bass 
United – the Jo Cox song  Sop Alto Tenor Bass All   Words
Unto this land               Score
Vetche                             All    Tops
New Wasailing Song    Here we come a wasailing
Wangari                          All    Tops Tops2  Mids  Mids2 Bass Bass2
Wairua                           All
We Wish you Joy         All   Tops Alto  Tenor  Bass
Welcome Yule               All   Tops Mids   Bass
When the Earth is Crisp  All
When Love Had No Road  All Sop Alto Tenor Bass
When Love Had No Harm Music
Wild Mountain Tyme   All Words
Winter Fields                 All Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Words                              Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Xintskala                         Sop Mid Men  All Words
The Yodeling One         All

Please note that your computer will automatically launch a music playing device depending on the different programmes you may have to play music.
Most of these (including VLC and media player see below) will have the option to save the music and you might want to do this to avoid having to download the music each time.
If you do not have any players two I use that are free are VLC and Media Player you can download them for free at   or